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How is Hello Tiger safe?

Why is it safe? How secure is Hello Tiger? Safety concerns.
Being safe on Hello Tiger is of the highest priority for us.

Firstly, you can only use Hello Tiger if you have a registered mobile phone number. Having your phone number during the registration process allows us to verify you as a real user as is a much stronger level of security. In addition, it is much safer for our users than other apps that allow people to be verified by an email address (it’s much easier to get an email address than it is a phone number). Furthermore, it helps with blocked users – if a user is banned, so is their phone number (again, this helps protect the Hello Tiger community as it is safer than allowing users on the platform with just an email address). Having your phone number also helps protect you against fraud and secures the Hello Tiger ecosystem from bots or spammers registering multiple accounts. It’s also a simple and easy way to verify a user. To prove a user is who they say they are, a unique SMS code is delivered to the user’s provided phone number (voice codes are spoken over the phone for non-mobile users). The recipient is then required to re-enter that code into the application or website. Simple stuff if you are a legitimate owner of a phone number, but if your motivation is to create a fake account, scamming the system is a lot of work. Compared with opening bogus email accounts, generating fraudulent phone numbers necessitates that the attackers obtain new SIM cards for each number, which in turn requires opening an account with a legitimate telecommunications company. The time, effort, and cost involved just aren’t worth the payoff.

Hello Tiger is also safer because you get to actually meet and chat to the real person before you meet up. Our Live Chat matching process allows you to be comfortable with them before arranging to meet up. On other dating apps you are often relying on someone looking like their profile picture – these don’t exist on Hello Tiger, we are far more genuine and real 🙂

Your personal information is also highly secure. We use Amazon Web Services who are a global leader in safety and security, plus we never share any of your personal information with anyone, Hello Tiger is completely private.

We also have our reporting and blocking functionality if you are ever uncomfortable; safety and privacy is of the highest importance at Hello Tiger HQ.