Playing Safe with Hello Tiger

Community Guidelines

Hello Tiger’s primary objective is to keep things real, which is why we have some rules and policies to help keep us true to our word.

We want to ensure all of our users are not only having fun but also feel safe whilst using the app. Failure to comply with the below guidelines and our terms and conditions may result in being removed from our platform.

Keeping your photos REAL

Hello Tiger doesn’t have the functionality to upload photos. This ensures all our users are being true to themselves and those they chat too. You will be asked to update your image regularly, this it to ensure you are being your true self, and you can expect the same from other users in return.

Photo Guidelines:

  • This photo must be your face alone (head and shoulders)
  • Must be you alone (No group shots)
  • No children should be featured in this photo.
  • No pets are to be in the photo
  • Ensure your face is well lit.
  • Please ensure you are covered up – no nudity or topless photos.
  • Mirror selfies are a no-go. Face directly to the camera please
  • Face must be clearly visible in all photos.
  • No props/apparatus and be mindful of inappropriate backgrounds.

For more details please visit our terms & conditions.

Keeping your chat REAL

Everyone you speak to is as individual and unique as you are. Of course you’ll have your favourite chat up lines, but we’d much rather you use your 60 seconds to create an authentic, lasting and one of a kind conversation. Take note of peoples interest’s with the handy prompt icons displayed at the top of the screen, for more information and tips about how to make the most of the minute, follow us on socials.

Keeping yourself REAL

If the above points didn’t make it clear enough, authenticity is key so let your true self shine through. Hint * don’t borrow your mates puppy to join you on camera and pretend it’s yours.

Respect Each other

Our aim is to introduce you to a vast collective of new people as such, you may not always meet people you see eye to eye with. We ask you to be kind and respect other people’s beliefs, interests and environments. We are all about keeping things real and as such our individuality should be celebrated not shunned by hate speech, misogyny, bullying, rude or abusive behaviour. Behave respectfully on Hello Tiger and we ask all users to kindly report anyone who does not follow these guidelines.

Abide by the law

Illegal activity will not be tolerated. This may result in being banned or restricted from the site, and/or being reported to the authorities. You should know the law but just in case, the following will absolutely not be tolerated:

  • Nudity/sexual content
  • Harassment
  • Violence and Physical harm
  • Inappropriate language/behaviour
  • Hate speech or emotional abuse.
  • Prostitution and trafficking
  • Impersonation
  • Minors Presence on the app
  • Copyright and trademark infringement

Essentially, if it’s illegal in real life then its illegal on Hello Tiger.

Take your sales pitch elsewhere

Hello Tiger is not a place for self-promotion, garage sales or business marketing initiatives. If you have a business partnership opportunity the HT team are all ears hello @ Otherwise, keep it off the chat or your account will be deactivated.

Over 18’s Only

Hello Tiger is strictly for over 18’s! That goes for live times as well, not just opening an account. Please endeavour to only use Hello Tiger outside the presence of minors. This is safer for both children and parents.

The Reporting Process

All our users have the power to instantly report an inappropriate behaviour and we thank you in advance for bringing these matters to our attention.
On the app you can block a user while you are video chatting and when messaging a person in your favourites list. To block someone during your video call, please select the button in the bottom right-hand corner called Block/Report. Once selected you will see the screen below. Please select the reason for blocking so that we can best monitor this users behaviour.
In addition to your feedback on the app, we use a combination of automated systems and a team of moderators to monitor and review accounts and messages for content that indicates breaches of these Guidelines and our Terms and Conditions.

Hello Tiger reserves the right to investigate and/or terminate your account if you have misused the Service or behaved in a way that Hello Tiger regards as inappropriate, unlawful, or in violation of the Terms and Conditions, including actions or communications that occur off the Service but involve users you meet through the Service.