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How do I match with someone?

How do I match with someone? I am not getting any matches?

Go to your settings, enter your search criteria (age, sex, location etc), and then tap on Live Search/Go Live at the bottom of the screen. After taking a picture of yourself (you can’t upload images in Hello Tiger, we are 100% genuine and people can’t hide behind profile pictures that may not be genuine), you’ll then be connected with people who are looking for the same and then you’ll have a one-minute live chat with them.

Note – you must be online at the same time as other people to match with someone. Gone are the days of relentless swiping offline, Hello Tiger is live, in real time, with real people.

Being live also eliminates the problems of inaccurate profile pics and you’ll know within that minute if you want to chat more. If you do, just tap the green Extend Chat icon at the bottom.

If they do the same, you will be matched, and you can continue in an unlimited chat session and also message/call each other after in the app. Once you’ve both had an extended chat they will appear in your Favourites section.

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