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Online dating and public speaking – 5 tips to help cure your fear of both

By March 16, 2022No Comments

Image: Filthy Rich, FOX

Let’s be real, when you break it down public speaking and dating online are essentially the same thing. You’re putting yourself out there and giving the world a chance to get to know you, your opinions and personality. Yes, that can be extremely daunting… but also really exciting! Hello Tiger gives you the opportunity to meet genuine, interesting, like-minded people without the fear of catfishing and fake profile pictures. Here are five tips and tricks to help you find the courage to download the app and try out the live 60-second video chat feature. Don’t let anxiety get in the way of connecting with real people in real time!

1. Breathe and admit that you’re nervous

Take a deep breath before kicking off your conversations! Just remember this isn’t a job interview and your matches are probably just as nervous as you are. Most people can respect a bit of brave vulnerability so if you can admit you’re a little nervous to be trying out online dating, that will likely put the other person at ease and remind you both that the whole experience is meant to be exciting, not nerve-racking!

2. Speaking notes

Ok no, we certainly don’t expect you to bring palm cards to your date but it can’t hurt to have a few questions or topics of conversation ready to go to kick off that first 60-second video chat! Think about what you would like to know about your match that could help you decide whether to extend the interaction or say ‘not for me’. Do they like cats or dogs? Do they enjoy a spicy marg on a Saturday afternoon or pineapple on their pizza? You know, important stuff like that!

But don’t worry if you can’t quite make the decision then and there to extend the chat or move on to the next person, you can always select ‘skip for now’ which means you’ll have another chance at crossing paths later down the Hello Tiger track.

3. Practice makes perfect

Look we’re not saying we want you online searching for love or friendship indefinitely! We’re just saying the more you jump on Hello Tiger to video chat, the more comfortable you’ll become with every conversation and it’ll become easier to identify exactly what you’re looking for in a friend or potential partner. Practice makes perfect!

4. Let your personality come through

No matter what stage of the dating game you’re at, whether it be the first 60-second chat, two weeks of messaging and video calls or finally meeting IRL, remember that the only way to make real and genuine connections is to be your awesome, real self. Don’t be afraid to let your personality shine through because that’s the only way you’ll find common ground with other like-minded individuals!

5. Relax and have fun

Every new conversation has the potential to be something amazing, whether that’s finding a wonderful new friend or potential love interest, so remind yourself to relax and have fun without any expectations. The app is designed to be fun and easy to use so you can relax into the whole process without the anxiety of the awkward first date encounter. Enjoy more butterflies and less catfish!

So now that you’re feeling more at ease with the idea of connecting with others online (plus contemplating running for Prime Minister because you’re now a master of public speaking) jump on Hello Tiger and put your new-found skills to the test! The app is free to download and now LIVE with other people just like yourself… being brave, taking the plunge and putting themselves out there to find friendship, connection and love!

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