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Where is my profile or profile pictures?

Where is my profile or profile pictures?

Gone are the days of having a profile and uploading profile pictures. Previously, on other dating apps, you had to see hundreds of pictures of people and ‘like’ them, then wait to match with them. Once that happened, you could exchange messages and eventually call, swap numbers and then meet up. The trouble is that this is a very laborious process, sometimes profile pictures are not like the real person, and you never really know if you are going to get on with someone until you actually see them in person and have a chat. That all changes with Hello Tiger.

We’ve disrupted the industry and made it faster, safer, more effective and real. Now, instead of swiping or saying yes/no to a profile picture, you do it to the real person via a short one-minute video chat. If you don’t like them, just tap No at any time and move on. If you do like them, you can extend the chat if the other person agrees and then talk some more. They will then appear in your Favourites so you can message and move things forward from there, but at least you then know that they look like they really do (video can’t lie, profile pics can!), they can hold a sentence together, and you won’t get bombarded with silly messages like “Sup Babe” when you haven’t even met.

So forget about your profile and your profile pics; they don’t exist in Hello Tiger – that is so outdated. Just go to your settings, enter your search criteria (age, gender, location etc), and off you go; quite simply, it’s a smarter, more effective way to match with someone.

Hello Tiger changes the way dating apps work, for the better. It’s smarter and it works. Best of all, it’s free.

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